Left arrow is not always working

Left arrow and right arrow are great for jumping from LingQ to LingQ and with the new version, the right arrow also works for jumping from one sentence to the next, even when the current sentence contains no LingQs. That is a great improvement over the previous version. Would it be possible to implement that for the left arrow as well, so it would be possible to jump back to the previous sentence without having to click, as in the following situation?

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I don’t think it’s that. You can move from sentence to sentence because when you click the right arrow, it follows new LingQs in the next sentence. When you use the left arrow, it goes to the previous LingQ on the previous sentence. BUT if you have no LingQs anymore in the previous sentence it doesn’t go back.

Arrows move from LingQ to LingQ. On the right side and on the left side. Pay attention when you click on the left arrow to go back, if there are no LingQs in the previous sentence anymore you can’t go back (also because the potentially previous blue words now become white words).

That’s a good guess, but that is not what is going on. There are LingQs in the previous sentence. No blue ones, but there are yellow/orange ones.

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Ok, that in this case I suppose it should work but it doesn’t.

That’s what I would hope. It did not work in the past, one had to press shift-arrow to make it work, but that doesn’t work now either, and since right-arrow works (most of the time), it would be great to see left-arrow do the same …

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