How can I learn Italian by looking at and listening to material? I dont know what they’re saying. I have a free membership so I cant ask a tutor anything. How can I learn?


If you are an absolute beginner please start with Il Potere del Linguista (The Power of The Linguist.) This text is also available in the English section ( as well as in the French, Spanish, Russian sections). You can read it there and print it out. Then go back to the Italian. Listen to one episode at a time. You can even listen while reading the English. The listen while reading the Italian. Then click on the words to access the dictionary and to save these words.

Listen often. Reread the text often. Review your saved words in the Vocabulary section. Do not wait until you understand everything in the first episode before going on to the second episode. Just keep listening and reading and saving words.

Study the flash flash cards of your saved words. Take the time to look up each LingQ card and refine or edit the captured phrase. But most of all listen to your MP3 player. You have to give your brain a chance to get used to Italian. Stay with The Power of the Linguist for a while and then move on to other content. We are gradually increasing our Italian content.

Good luck and please bring any questions and comments to this forum.

I believe that one condition for success in language learning is to become independent, an independent explorer of the language. It is important to not be concerned about what one does not understand at first. One needs to give the brain a chance to get used to a new language. Listening and reading will do that. Since The Power of the Linguist exists in English, you can read it there and then put a lot of time into listening to it. I did that for Russian and listened to it 30 or more times, while doing other chores. You will be surprised how quickly you start to get a sense for the language without any specific instruction or explanation.