Learning words

Let me konow how all of you guys are learning new words. What systems or techniques do you use and how. Because theme of learning new words always has been so to say vague, I always had troubles with learning vocabulary. I will be very thankfull with your responses.

I just read and listen a lot, and create a lot of LingQs, in other words just follow the LingQ system. It works very well for me.

I think I can only contribute to how not to do it.

When I worked with my books, I wrote every tiny bit of information on a flash card, but I do have courses where you have three or four pages of vocabulary. Therefore I do have tons of flash cards, and I do not remember one. The problem is the repitition, especially with languages written in a different alphabet. Should I wait till I can write it, or just the meaning. And how often shall I repeat. I always struggle there. Nowadays I just review my flashcards, I try to get them correct three times in a row and that in both directions. This works actually, but only with any alphabet youre confident with. Everything else remains a wild card :wink:

I started to follow the lingQ instructions, I review my words after the lesson, and then the topwords. I also have a look at the words I get sent via E-Mail.

I think my understanding has improved, though I am still very unable to speak

Hope this helps

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Learning words is the most difficult, but a very important part of every language study, especially in the first levels (from the level Intermediate 2 you can guess the most of words, even not knowing them.
I as a teacher wrote the article about “How to study words” that you can find in English, in Russian and in German in the library of Lingq.
This is the link to the English version:

I think that encountering a word twenty times in twenty different sentences, which you desire to understand for some reason, is a thousand times better than using a flashcard for twenty days. The Lingq system seems idealized for just the kind of absorption that is likely to be most effective.

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And this is the link to the Russian version to my article “КАК УЧИТЬ СЛОВА”:

And this is the Link to the German version of the article “Wie kann man vocabeln lernen”:

I think it can be helpful for all Language learners.

Good luck with your languages!