Learning vocabulary 'backwards' with flashcards?

I think the flashcard system is very useful, however, it only works one way. For example, I am learning Spanish, so the flashcards show me the Spanish words and I have to see if I know the English translation. Is there a way to turn it around, that the English words are shown and I have to find the Spanish translation? If not, is there a reason why and could it be incorporated?

I guess you would start to translate words into the language you’re learning when you start writing and speaking anyway, but I would just like to build my English-Spanish vocabulary skills from the start, before I am able to write and speak… right now I solved it by making my own paper flashcards (Spanish on one side, English on the other) so I can learn words both ways.

Take a look at this thread, Reversing Flashcards - Language Forum @ LingQ

This is on our list, our long long list of things we want to do. Please be patient. In the meantime, you can scroll down so that you do not see the Spanish, and only see the phrase and the English. Look at the English and try to remember the word. Usually you need only look at the phrase to remember the meaning, otherwise you scroll up to see the Spanish.

This is just a work around. We will eventually get to reverse flash cards.

Thank you for the answers, I didn’t find the thread mentioned by mark but I guess I didn’t use the right search terms. I’ll be patient!

Try this one:
Reversing Flashcards - Language Forum @ LingQ (without the page/post indicator at the end)

I’m sorry, I meant I didn’t find the thread before posting my original question, but thanks anyway!