Learning Spanish - Which course shall I start with?

Hi everyone!

I would like some advice on where to start learning Spanish here.
Which course would you suggest to start with? I selected beginner1, but there is still a lot to choose from. Shall I just try them and pick the one I like the most?

and what is the difference between courses and playlists in the library?

Thank you in advance


que te vaya bien!


I also recommend the Getting Started course which you can find here Login - LingQ. It is written in fairly basic Spanish and explains how to use the LingQ system at the same time. Good luck!

I just started about a week ago, and I’ve limited myself to the lessons around 1 minute long, because it can be alot of translating at the beginning.

I second Mark’s recommendation. Learning the system right away will save you time later on, and all the lessons in the Getting Started course are less than one minute long, except one, which is only 1:03.

Then go on to the good suggestions of Jolanda, who knows a lot of Spanish. In addition, I think you should “follow” IDEL, who provided the lessons Jolanda recommends, because they can be very helpful, and not just for beginners.

My two cents.

And welcome to LingQ! I know you are going to enjoy your learning experiences here.