Learning Russian and New Opportunities

Hey friends,

I have been learning Spanish on Lingq, however I haven’t learnt a word in a week, I can’t create time because of my university exams. I love Spanish, thanks to Lingq and the community here I’ve made progress. I can easily understand the Int1 texts and write simple sentences without help.

However, a new opporunity has just showed up. A year later I want to start a master program in political science or history. Some respectable Russian and Kazakh universities offer some programs that work for me. If I learn Russian, it will be much easier to get a letter of acceptance.

How to learn Russian? Is it worth to have a break in Spanish and start to learn Russian? Is Russian really difficult to learn in 15-18 months? (at least B1 aktive usage level-speaking and writing- speaking level and B2 passive level-reading and listening-) Where to start?

Of course, everybody can learn Russian and after 15 months he/she will be able to read and even to speak Russian quite well.
But you have to make efforts and to study Russian every day, not from time to time!..
You can use my courses for beginners here: Русский с нуля-Russian from zero(95 lessons), Базовые модели-Basic patterns(53) and Первые шаги-First steps(125).
Good luck!

It’s Medium-Hard. It will take longer than Spanish for sure but not as Long as Japanese, Arabic, or Korean.

The grammar is a challenge, but it only has one phonetic writing system, unlike the Japanese mish-mash of systems, and unlike Arabic its nt lk txtng bfr smrt phns so y cnt rd wrds y dnt alrd knw.

I don’t see why with todays technology they can’t just add the vowel symbols in Arabic. That had to be the most annoying thing of any language I’ve gone after.

Yet I still wonder how much easier it would be if words in English like “queue” can’t be written just as “q” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hello, hope you’re doing great.

I’m sure you’ll have a very good progress in 12,18 months, however I don’t believe it’s enough to have a “university level”, but if fluency is not a request, you’ll get there easily.

I mean to reach proficiency in any language in a year and a half is a tall order. Steve was able to reach a professionally useful level of mandarin in 9 months studying full time, every day. So if you can afford the time to study 5,6, or 7 hours+ a day you could get to high level in that time. However, if you are like the rest of us who study for 2 hours or less a day, you might not get to a university level that quickly. Either way everyone is different and timetables are usually not helpful for learning a language.

I learn lang: You should help upload more Turkish content to Lingq. It’s still a beta language and the content library is lacking.