Learning new words

Hello friends
I decided to make sentences with the words I like to learn
Please correct my mistakes
I think it’s good way to improve my english

1🔵 I was chosen to take care of my little brother by my parents it is such a hassle for me ,because I don’t know how to change baby’s Diapers and it’s discussing.

2🔵 mathematic is my studying filed , I have to solve the hassle of limits that I am not able to solve.

3🔵 I can’t face with the hassle of traveling to that far place in other side of the country by riding this scrap car

4🔵 I want to avoid the hassle of going to the shop to exchange my new pants. …

I Create my own sentences,
Please if you saw mistakes feel free to correct

I am not so qualified to correct your mistakes. However i want to urge you post them here:

i am sure someone will correct your mistakes. and you can import them your lessons which is very efficient.
Best of luck

How to change a baby’s diapers.
Mathematics is my field of study
I can’t face the hassle of traveling … at the other side …