"Learning naturally at LingQ"- LingQ wiki

I’ve just seen the page “Learning Naturally at LingQ”. I know you know have the LingQ tutorial view, but have you considered emailing bits of this page daily to those who have just signed up?

Mmm…for maybe the first month, which has probably the highest rate of dropout for people who can’t work out what to do.

Good idea!

Maybe we could all contribute a newbie tip? Something that would have helped us in our first few days and weeks?

We do send out a series of 5 emails over the first two weeks after someone signs up. Not the same messages as this text. We also have the Two Weeks at LingQ Academy page in the help section. I’m not sure we want to send even more emails out although we could, however, we are looking into a “Tips” function as Helen suggests which would suggest helpful tips in some kind of popup or message from time to time as people start using the site. Maybe we can start building this list on the wiki as Helen suggests. We would be happy for your suggestions here.

I just created a LingQ Tips and Tricks for Newbies page on the wiki LingQ / LingQ Tips and Tricks for Newbies. Please add your suggestions there.