Learning multiple languages?

HI everyone! I want to learn multiples languages. Is it possible? If it is, how do I do that in lingq?

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I am doing it. But one language is completely new and the other two are familiar. I can’t imagine starting several new languages at the same time. I am learning Spanish and it is overwhelming. I sort of know school book French, but I am staying away from French. I will be more mixed up than I already am.

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The most of the lingq-members learn several languages. You can see it if you open different profiles. But actually, the learners choose 1-2 main languages (for 75% of all time) and some other languages (for 25% of all time).
However, you can change main languages every 2-3 months.
Good luck!


I’m learning about 5 languages on LingQ, plus 2 outside of the platform. I have a background in the 5 on LingQ, with some additional tutoring on italki. But generally I understand the basic grammar of each language, so it’s just increasing vocabulary and comprehensible input.

In fact, I ended up using LingQ to streamline my language learning. Having too many materials is exhausting and wastes time. If you are planning to learn more than one, LingQ can be a good platform to keep you sane.

Do you know how to do that in lingq? I kind of lost

Can you help me how to add languages in lingq? I am not sure. Thank you

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How do you add other languages in lingq? I still trying to figure this out

Go to the icon in the navigation bar that shows your language - it will be a country’s flag. Click on it and a drop down should appear. Add whichever language you want to learn. LingQ will save data for each one.

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Thank you very much!

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