Learning multiple languages at the same time

as this topic was mentioned several times I am slightly confused.

Because many of you have multiple languages in their profile, and I wonder how you do that.

I personally love the changes, but as many of you now mentioned that this might be too much, I would be interested to know, how you can focus on one language at a time and still have this many languages on your profiles. I saw for example, that steve had almost every possible language displayed, and then he told me to focus on one at a time. I saw he had his activity only in some of them, but how would I be able to still learn all of them, with just one at a time. (I realise, that most of you, have been members much longer than I have, therefore I am aware you have been studying much longer already) To those of you, who are learning more than one language at a time, how do you do it? Do you concentrate on one language each month?

And by the way, I personally think, that you only can learn a certain amount of each language each day, and when I have done this I cannot focus on any more input in this language. Therefore I thought, changing the subject would be nice, because I could continue learning. How do you think about this?

"Because many of you have multiple languages in their profile, and I wonder how you do that. "

A lot of years. Steve has 12 or so languages, but he’s also been learning languages since the 1960’s. Luca is in his mid 30s: His languages are all great, but he has been learning many of them for a decade or more. Same pretty much goes for all the polyglots: Richard Simcott, Arguelles, whoever. Even Moses has spent a long time with Chinese and Russian.

I think the “masters” tend to devote at least a year to get at least a basic fluency in a language before moving on.

If you are having fun doing what you are doing, keep doing it. Just don’t expect to have even a foundation in each of the dozen or so languages you want to learn simultaneously, even after several years.


It’s of course the question of time and your capability to concentrate.
I believe you can maintain a lot of languages, but by the beginner level you have to concentrate each week or each month for one language.
Let’s say: 1. every day French and only two times a week Russian, Romanian and Finnish.
But next week\months you can change it, let’s say: 7 days Russian and 2 times a week each other language.
Such a temporar concentration will give you more results.


That is indeed a great idea, to focus on one language and put the others around somehow and just learn them a little bit. I will do that from now on! This way I might indeed achieve more and have at least a little bit of knowledge in the other languages. And for the time: I have plenty of time :wink: