Learning more than one language at a time

I would like to see your comments about learning more than one language at a time. Isn’t it confusing?
I study English right now, and I would like to study French sometime, I’ll need to begin it from scratch, but I don’t think a good idea to start French until a feel very comfortable with English.
Also, there are the goals, some of them are almost impossible to acompplish by studying one hour a day. For example, my goals include 6.5 hours of listening per week, only this would took almost an hour a day.
Aren’t some of the goals a little bit unrealistic?
What do you think of all this, fellows?

I think it is best to concentrate on one language at a time until you achieve a comfortable level. Your English is probably good enough that you could do a little French. When you do another language, I find it often helps you in the first language, since you are further developing the language learning neurons in your brain.

The advantage with LingQ is that you can experiment with a few languages at once. I have been working on Russian for 15 months and now intend to also study Portuguese.

As to how realistic the goals at LingQ are, let’s start a new thread on that subject.

It shouldn’t be that hard to listen for an hour a day. Many people spend an hour or more a day commuting to and from work. Now with the ease of using portable mp3 players you can make use of this ‘dead’ time to learn languages! You certainly don’t need to listen sitting in front of your computer. When you’re at the computer you should be LingQing words or reviewing vocabulary, writing, speaking, etc… But the listening you can do anywhere throughout the day just by downloading the audio and taking it with you.

I am learning English and Spanish. I have decided to learn another language only when I felt more confident with English. Studying more than one language is not confusing at all. Languages are different.
I do as I feel. I also wondered, not for a long time. I can cope with English and Spanish as well. If you feel that you can begin another language, get a try.
Concerning goals, it is a good point to be able to listen to contents on portable devices like mp3 and print the contents. That way, we can listen and read anytime, anywhere. One hour of listening is not hard to reach.