Learning languages how to kill boring?

learning languages how to kill boring?

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Here, learning languages is really fun ! You will be excited to learn and share with the community !
Which languages are you learning?

I killed a boring yesterday

By studying everday. Don’t worry if you don’t see any progress. It’s natural.

A confused question if I ever saw one. Learning languages sure are a great way to kill boredom, if that’s what you mean.

Guessing that 9874 seriously waiting for a response here one of the many possible ways: since a few weeks I’ve been watching DVD’s in English together with English subtitles. The result is that I can follow English conversation much better. It’s fun and learning without boredom (at least for me).

I am learning as a child - I watch SesameStreet - it works

When I get bored I just stop being bored and be awesome instead, true story.

So, 9874, what are you thinking about all this testimonies ?

Could someone could put link towards all the members testimonies on Youtube?