Learning Hanzi through Lingq

How should one go about it? :slight_smile:

If you have no prior experience in reading hanzi I think it might be a little hard to use lingq as your only resource. You could do it by starting with the most simple lessons and looking up each new character as you come across them. It might be a good idea to invest some time to first get a grasp of the most common hanzi and their radicals, I used Heisig’s book Remember the Kanji when I started studying japanese, and since then there is a new edition called Remember the simplified hanzi that would cover most of what a beginner would need when starting mandarin.

Learning hanzi is a little tough task as you have to remember all the parameters of it that any one can understand that. The learning of the Hanzi through Lingq can be tough as well as fun at the same time. You can follow this https://techbloghub.page.tl/ for more information.

I didn’t make this post, but since I want to learn Chinese in the near future I’d like to know some of this stuff in advance. I’ll add your books (both of them) to the resource lists I’ve been making for my future languages. Thanks a lot!

Don’t. Collosal waste of time. Serious comment. People are entitled to disagree.