Learning from tutors

I am really enjoying my sessions with my Russian tutors. I have signed up for a few courses and do my usual speaking engagements. I learn from how they use the discussion reports to go into greater detail on some of the expressions we used in the discussion.

I also enjoy the course format since it imposes a schedule.

I recommend that all tutors enroll in a course in another language! I notice that many of you are doing so.

I signed up with a Spanish beginner course with Liszeth. It is starting on Feb 5th, so I have not talked with her yet. However I am more motivated than ever. I talked with her husband in an English discussion and heard she was so happy to have me. That made me even more happy. I am dedicating more of my time learning Spanish. I speak zero Spanish right now, but I really believe taking a course/courses make me learn faster than learning by myself.

I have been taking a course with Marianne in French and another one with Emma in Japanese. I am enjoying both courses very much and feel like I am learning much more than I would have if I had studied on my own. I was so motivated by the courses that I also joined an Italian one with Mariangela to start in Feb. I have plans to take other courses in the future. I am hoping to take Portuguese with Ana and Spanish with Liszeth to start and add more as I go along. I encourage all tutors who have yet to enroll in a course to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity! It is not only a benefit to you as a student but also as a tutor. When students ask you about how directed courses work or how to navigate their way around the system, then you will be able to help them which will in turn benefit you. It’s a win-win situation!! Have fun!


Which radio station are you listening to? Do they have transcripts? Is this content we might be able to use at LingQ?

I can not find my favorite yet. I surf an internet radio to another until I find a pleasant voice to listen to. After I post a comment here, I noticed I should have listened to SpanishLingQ instead. I still enjoy listening to radio because it is a real time. However I will spend half of my time listening to SpanishLingQ. Having a transcript must be better to learn the language. When I find my favorite radio station, I will let you know :slight_smile:

PS I enjoy listening to Patricia & Rafael’s podcasts. Each sentence is very short and it is easy to follow.

That is great Emma,

I personally think that the sooner a learner gets to authentic content the better. Do you think anyone can start with the podcasts, right from the beginning? That would be great.

Yes, as long as they are comfortable listening to podcasts without knowing what are about, anyone can start with the podcasts. When I find notifiable words, I look up in a dictionary. I do listen to beginner contents, too. However, listening to podcasts and radios are more enjoyable for me. I learn grammar rules when I submit writing to my tutor. My brain learn more when I try to say something.