Learning English... Let's talk?

Hi, my name is Karen and I am learning English!
My first language is portuguese.

Well, I just made this topic for conversation…
I believe that’s the more easy way to learn, so I want talk with you, guys!
Just answer me, ok?

Hi, am from kuwait my native language is Arabic and my English is little, i can understand what you say in english but i cant speak fast , l remember the words and speak slowly , i dont know which the best way to learn english conversation…

Keep up the work with English! You seem to be doing very well. What would you like to talk about?

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Hi my name is Ramya, I am from India. I want to talk english fluently. I coudn’t clear some interviews due to my hesitation to talk in english. Can anyone here interested to talk with me in english.

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Hi everyone,
I’m from Kiev, Ukraine. I learn German, English and try to begin with Italian. LingQ is the best way for learning languages as for me: you can talk, read, listen and write here. If you want to communicate German, English, Russian or maybe Ukrainian :slight_smile: , just tell me.

Hi Marina! I hope your study of English is going well. How is Ukraine?

Are there any questions you have about the English language?

Hi Rob!
Ukrainian is like Russian, but much beautiful. Some people say, it is the second harmonious language in the word after Italian. What about my English - I have the same situation such as you with your Italian, as you wrote in your Bio. But worse - I learn it about 10 years. Shame on me :frowning:


I looked up a video of a girl speaking Ukrainian and I definitely like it! I’d say it’s more musical than Russian but not as musical as Italian ; ) And don’t feel ashamed. You seem to be doing well with English so keep it up, and keep talking to native speakers like me to get a feel for how to use the language.

How is Kiev? It looks like a beautiful city. I am from New York.

Hi Rob!

Unfortunally my English isn’t so good, how it must be. What about talking to native speakers - it’s a very good idea.
Kiev is a very beautiful old city with very interesting ancient history. In half a month we’ll receive guests of Euro-2012 (not only Kiev, but also 3 Ukrainian cities). It must be very interesting.
NY is a very big city. Mostly I know something about it from the series “Gossip Girl” :slight_smile:


You’re doing very well in English. Eventually, it will be very important for you to talk to native speakers. Now that I’ve seen pictures of Kiev I would like to visit, especially after you told me is has a lot of history.

Yes, New York is very big, and it should be the first place you visit if you come to the States!

Hey everyone.I have just registreted to this site.In fact,my level of english is upper-intermediate.However i am a begginner member on this site right now.By the way i am from Istanbul/Turkey.Have you ever been in Istanbul City ?

Merhaba, melodyoo! Nasilsiniz? I’ve never been to Istanbul but would love to go. It looks very beautiful and I know a few people from there.

Hey, I’m from Lithuania. I learned english 10 years at the school, but now I see that I can’t speak easy, I make many misstakes in writting, especially in grammar, so I believe that LINGQ can help me :slight_smile:

Hi everybody,
I’m from Brazil and i’m trying to learn english. I’d like to speak much better, fluently and faster than I do. Its my first time in here and i don’t know how i play and download the audios. Anyone could help me? Thanks a lot.

@marsant - Welcome to LingQ! To play the audio just open a lesson and click on the play button in the audio player on the right hand side of the page. Or, if you prefer, you can download the audio to your computer and play it in your media player. The download button is the green button with the white down arrow in it in the top right of the lesson text area.

Hi, my name is Mauro, I’m from Brazil too and I’m learning english and Italian in LingQ. I want to speak english fluently in one year. Now I just understand more or less 80% what I hear and I speak with a little difficulty. I hope to have your help and who want my help with the portuguese just ask me.

such a pleasant atmosphere…Hello everyone! Hope to make friends here and improve my English. My level is intermediate…I guess it used to be, when i was at school. Now i practice it in reading books and translating texts(necessary at work)…i know,that its not enough…im not really good in writing,but i think im good as the one “who u can talk to”=) pretty talkative) Ok, stop me…i`m sending this message=)

my name is Serhij.I’m from Ukraine.
Lets speak about sport.I like footbol and you?

Is that because we have euro 2012? This theme is everywhere!

Hello Serhij!
I like football too!

Hum… your nickname is a tribute for the player soccer Sergio Ramos?