Learning English in Second Life

Hi there

Second Life is a free 3D virtual world where users can socialize, connect and create using free voice and text chat. Second Life is attracting more and more attention as an ideal learning environment and I can well imagine that it will eventually become an alternative for many students who want to study English on-line.

I think it will be useful for language learners to build new LingQ island.

Chatting through Skype is good opportunity for improve language conversation skills, but using Second Life with LingQ island more interesting for group meetings and lessons.

P.S. I hope you understand what I want say, but I start learn English only few month ago…

cool idea! the LingQ island could be divided into sub-continents for different languages

Mmmm…I thought for a minute you were talking about learning with LingQ in the Afterlife. Online is good too :slight_smile:

It is good and funny your commentary too, skyblueteapot. What was you thinking? :))))
Don’t worry, I thought that too for a moment.

Yes skyblueteapot … It is never too late to learn even Afterlife!:slight_smile:

If being serious, what are you think about my idea?

I suppose that we need some self-training if we learn to behave properly as a virtual human being in the virtual space. How long does it take for us to be accustomed to the environment? (Actually, I don’t like complicated, so-called role-playing games.)

Cool idea!

Hi everyone,

I was registered on The Second Life Yesterday.

My nickname at the Second Life World is “stivejob” and display name is “Stanislav”.

If you want to chat with me, join to The Second Life now.

You can find me as “Stanislav (stivejob)”.

Only problem with learning a language through a game like Second Life is there is a lot of slang and misspelled words. It can’t hurt just always be sure you know the language properly.

I think it is a great idea as well,although I barely have time for my first life, let alone a Second one. :wink: I’ll keep these posts in mind, and share my nickname if I ever get around to making one.

Video games are always a relaxing luxury for me, and I’ve always wanted to use it as a means to keep learning language even when resting. :slight_smile:

That actually isn’t a bad idea…

I have difficulties signing up to that website. I’ve heard that my country has those difficulties, so I would like if someone could register me to Second Life.

I agree, why not give it a try?

I like Habbo. It look like Second Life
It’s a browser game, you don’t need any installation to play it.