Learning english by italian: some words are not correct

Hello, I’m a new member of this site and i get the link from a post of “Effortless English club”.

I started English lessons from the beginning but I noticed that some words are wrong. So, if I wish correct them to improve system, how can I do?

@bisbiturro - Welcome to the site! If you see a hint that is incorrect, be sure to flag it: http://lingqcentral-en.lingq.com/flagging-incorrect-hints. This will flag that hint and, if other users flag it too, it will be removed from the list so other hints can be shown instead.

I don’t know why, but I don’t see flag in the “overword” window. There are wrong translate, Google, search in the dictionary, linked phrases but not flag.

@bisbiturro - When you hover over one of the hints (excluding the Google Translate, which is automated) you should see a flag on the right hand side as per the first screenshot. What happens when you hover over a hint?

La traduzione di Google a volte è sbagliata perché è fatta da un computer che si limita ad associare le parole senza considerare il contesto. Le traduzioni di google non si possono segnalare, mentre puoi segnalare le traduzioni sbagliate create da altri utenti, tenendo presente che una traduzione parziale non è da considerarsi sbagliata. Puoi anche creare le tue traduzioni personali, che forse ti saranno più utili di quelle “prese in prestito” da altri.

Excuse me, but I don’t see the flag in this image that I shooted from my desktop: http://bisbiturro.altervista.org/_altervista_ht/over.gif

@bisbiturro - Ah, I see the flag isn’t there in the minimized view. If you maximize the dashboard then you will see the flag. We’ll have to add it to the minimized popup as well.

And how I maximize the dashboard? I can’t find the button to do it and can’t drag the popup’s borders.

@bisbiturro - In the top right corner of the minimized dashboard just above the audio player there is a little plus button. if you click on that it will maximize the dashboard.