Learning by chatting!

Hi there,i just wanna ask if the people here can study the language that they want by CHATTING through this site NOT using skype,???
so anyone have any idea
thank u

No, It’s not possible to chat through Lingq!

@ro03 I think, “chatting” was addressed in general purport. Including what we do now.

Chatting is in real-time, isn’t it?

The definition of the verb “to chat” in Cambridge Dictionary is “to talk to someone in a friendly informal way”, the second one is “to take part in a discussion with someone on the Internet”.
So, in my view, IN GENERAL PURPORT “chatting” is not just what happens in a “chat” and I guess, it was asked in general purport.
It is probably different in all languages that adopted the term during the hi-tech era. At least, so it is in Russian.