Learning Arabic and Persian: Language Challenge Week 2 - Steve Kaufmann

The most important function of a teacher, any teacher, including online language teachers, is to either feed the enthusiasm of the student, or, where that is lacking, to trigger and inspire the desire to learn.

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Steve, Study poets Mulana Rumi and Allama Iqbal. Get some translation and study it. They wrote some gems in Persian.You may actually end up talking with the actual God through their poetry and they found some hidden knowledge through spirituality. They summed it up in the form of their poetry. Once you are in the actual conversation with God, you may be surprised that he agrees more with Matt vs Japan than yourself. This is my joke :wink: Who knows I also have access to some hidden spiritual knowledge :slight_smile:

All of your problems have got nothing to do with verbs, conditional, etc – It has got something to do with a lack of input and intensity. If you spend 1 hour a day, then as per the observations of Matt vs Japan, it will take just that 10 years to see a noticeable improvement in your target language which he mentioned when you were discussing your language views with him.