Learning a language is based on noticing. What do you do to notice the language?

We cannot learn a language by speaking. We first need to acquire the language. That can only come from listening and reading. But often when we listen and read, we do not notice what is happening in the language.

The various activities at LingQ are meant to help you notice the language.

Writing and speaking, and seeing your mistakes in the reports, help you notice. You will make the mistake again but you are starting to notice.

Reviewing words in flash cards helps you notice.

Spending time to “tag” a saved word or phrase, and spending time to edit the captured phrase, all help you notice these.

I find the following very helpful to me in learning Russian.

  1. I LingQ a lot of words and phrases while reading.
  2. I review my recently saved LingQs in the vocabulary section, attaching Tags and editing the phrase.
  3. I review lists of Tagged items in the vocabulary section, all my masculine nouns, or all my “dative case” nouns etc.

What do other people do?