Learned terms are not counted as learned LingQs

There is still the problem that learned terms (LingQs with more than one word) are not counted as a “Learned LingQ”.

This problem exists now for one and a half years. Is a solution in work?

The problem is that the difference between “LingQs created” and “LingQs learned” increases every day. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not franatic with the statistics. But I think, you should try to fix this bug.

Hi Vera,

I’ve been unable to reproduce this error, which makes it especially difficult to solve. It seems that it’s something that only affects certain people or certain terms, but it’s quite difficult to find the root of the problem. It is, however, on our list of things to do and we will fix it when we get a chance. Thanks for reporting it. You’ve got a very keen eye for these things :slight_smile:

I don’t understand your counting method:

Known Words = 114
LingQs Learned (level 4) = 119
Known Words that are not LingQ-ed = minus 5 ???

How can that be?


We’re currently deciding how to restructure the current code that keeps track of all these statistics, as there seem to be several glitches that exist with the current system. The particular glitch that you are seeing is this:
(Known Words), (LingQs Created), (LingQs Learned)
Create 1 LingQ: 0,1,0
Set LingQ as Status 4 (whether manually or by flashcards): 1,1,1
Set LingQ as Status 1,2,3 (if you don’t remember it/don’t know it well): 0,1,1
Set LingQ as Status 4 (whether manually or by flashcards): 0,1,1

So it seems that the system is not tracking words once they move into the “Known Words” category. As I said, we’re deciding how best to proceed with this but we expect to have it working properly very soon.

What about “set a term as known (without LingQ-ing)”, does this increase (Known Words) by 1?

Without going into too many of the specifics (as it’s quite tedious to type it all out), there are certainly issues with these statistics. However, we are discussing the issue at this very moment to decide what we need to do to resolve the issues related to these statistics.

Hi Alex, it’s simple to reproduce this bug. Check your number of “LingQs learned”. Go to vocabulary page and select two LingQs with status 3 (or created two LingQs and set the status to 3). One of them should contain only one word, the other should contain two ore more words. Then use the flashcard functionality, and go two times through these LingQs confirming that you know them. Then the status should be increase to 4. Now, check the number of “LingQs learned” again. The number has only increased by 1.

Hi Alex, can you reproduce this problem?

Hi Vera,

Sorry for the very delayed response. I did in fact follow your steps and was able to reproduce this bug just as you described it. We hope to address this issue with the coming revisions of how statistics are produced on the site.
Also, thank you for your very detailed description of this issue (along with very clear steps!). Your help is always appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Alex, testing software is part of my job. That’s why I’m used to test and describe bugs. Fine, that you were able to reproduce this bug. I’m looking forward for a solution.