Learned LinQ

I had changed the status, of some of my own LinQ, in the number 4 (know position) but in my profile results I’ve got “zero” learned word!

why didn’t change this number?

I understand.
1 new word
2 can’t remeber
3 not sure
4 known

well, why in my profile the learned LingQ doesn’t change the number even if I’ve got different word in thus status!?

Hi fedu,

If you changed the status on the flashcard, there is a bug right now that is causing the status to not register properly on the site. I’m sorry about this. We should have this fixed in the next few days. For now, you must change the status of those words on the Vocabulary page to make sure the changes register and are reflected in your statistics.

thanks for the rapidly answer, i thought was my stupid error!