Learned and Deleted Words Show Up Again as Blue and Sound/LingQing issues

I’ve known this for some time, but I haven’t mentioned it much.

a. some words show up as “1” on the vocabulary page even if they are marked as “4”.
b. In French, in the English slot (I’m using it for Dutch), and in Japanese, words I learn and (which show up in the window where we can add to the definition) show up as “4”, but then they become blue words again when I learn them, and delete them. It seems to be inconsistent.

Is this the way it is supposed to work?

Other issue:
Some Portuguese podcasts (added by Ana Paula) and Japanese (added by James Norville) have Lingqing and sound issues. For example, if I listen to the sound, I cannot lingQ more than three words. It seems that I can LingQ more than three if I don’t listen to the sound. Again, this is an ongoing tech glitch. I may have encountered it in the German library as well.

I have only mentioned the blue issue and the sound issue before. The issue with “1” not showing as “4” occured after one of the recent updates (but not the latest one). It is still happening.

If you need help with Dutch tell me :smiley:
I can’t help you with the lingQ issues though

@ Mait - If you delete words you have learned, the system is going to think they are new the next time you see them.

Thank-you, Mark. I left a note on your wall as well. You’ll get it by e-mail.

Lisa, I tried to leave a message on your wall, but the wall didn’t work. If you (or any other Dutch speakers) want to tutor in Dutch, all you have to do is go to the “Write” page and sign up as a tutor-just make a note that you are accepting writing in Dutch on your profile. You’ll earn points if you do this and you can spend them here.

Vincent from Belgium corrects or used to correct Dutch, so it’s okay to do this. I don’t think the message “Send writing” will show up on your page, but I can check and see if it does and tell you.

Thanks for the offer!