Learn Vietnamese with Online Vietnamese Typing Tool

Hey. Vietnamese language is very beautiful. The same thing has many words expressed with thousands of different degrees; The same word just changing the context is completely different; Same meaning but each region, domain uses different words … The more you use and understand about Vietnamese, the more you find it is very lovely and interesting. And on the way to get acquainted, typing Vietnamese, conquer the Vietnamese language. Unikey is the perfect car speed you need :slight_smile:

Unikey is not a wand to help you categorize the standard Vietnamese writing but it is a tool to help you type in accents, edit fonts … and in particular, make sure you put the right accent in the word (for example: “tiếng” not “tíêng”)

  • Unikey supports Vietnamese typing on Windows (including 32-bit and 64-bit Windows).
  • With Unikey, you can easily convert fonts, define shortcuts for phrases, convert words with accent marks, convert to uppercase or lowercase letters.
  • Unikey is a free Vietnamese-typing application with no ads.
  • Lightweight application that fits all computer configurations.
    ​​​​​​​Vietnamese Typing Online Here: https://vietnamesetyping.com

Get Unikey at: https://www.unikey.info