Learn Page filter

I would again like to have the ability to filter the Learn Page.

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@pmilone - The idea with the Learn page was to make it very simple. Learners who want custom filters and sorts can use the My Lessons page. Instead, the Learn page will default to most recently accessed courses.

The Learn page in the previous version contained lots of different controls and customizations, but we found that these often just confused new members. In addition, the same functions were already available from the Library/My Lessons section, so we opted to provide a simpler interface for those who don’t need custom filters and sorts.

The Learn page is now too simple. I even find it useless. This page was one of the most used by me. Now it seems I have no reason to use it because it’s easier to go to the Library or to the My Lessons pages.
For example, when I click on any course, I just can see all the lessons inside. And I should guess where is the last lesson I opened. Thanks God the My Lessons page lists my last lessons. And thanks God there are more than 3 lessons (like in the Tasks drop-down list).

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I was quite happy with the old Learn page, although it took me a while to get used to it. Once it became a habit, I was happy using it as my point of entry to LingQ. However, when we tested the site with newcomers, most were totally confused by the Learn page. That is the main reason for simplifying it.

Even before, I also used the last 3 lessons in the Task list or went to My Lessons quite often. I don’t think it will be difficult to develop new habits. On the other hand if we can get newcomers to stick around a little longer, then the change will be worth it. It is hard to develop a site that suits the habits and preferences of everyone.

I should add that the new Lesson page text is much more pleasant than the old one. I think that once we get the bugs resolved and deal with some of the basic design issues that people have raised, we should be able to make both new users and regular users happy.

@Alex- A real pain for power users! Typically I may be working on 6 different lessons in 6 different courses switching back and forth frequently. To go back and forth between these lessons now is tedious. Maybe if you increased the amount of recently opened lessons in the task list from 3 to 6 that might help.

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@pmilone - In your specific case, bookmarking the My Lessons page may actually be better, then you can just click the bookmark to get back there.

@alex- That seems as a plausible work around, thanks.

One remark about the Learn page. It displays the roses given to courses itfelf. It does not count the roses given to the lessons inside the course.
It calculates the unknown words of the lessons but not the roses. Strange, isn’t it?

@Ress - thanks for pointing that out. We’ll get that fixed.