Learn languages in “real” situations

Okay, I just wanted to inform you about another untraditional methods. I thought it could be interesting because LingQ goes untraditional way too.

Despite of your skepticism, learning program like this is more than “talking to a computer” YLearner. It’s much more intelligent and oriented to make it possibly really. It supports YOUR talk line. I’m not a gamer but I think you can compare it with a modern interactive 3D game, where a lot is up to you.

Of course you can consider it only as a supplement for your learning.

Thank you all for your correction.

Junair, is this talking with voice or with text.

with voice

Wow. It must have been expensive to develop. Speech recognition software is usually not that great beyond single words. If it is as good you say, it should become very hot in the language business. (Not to say that I think it is a cost effective way to learn.)

Hi, Junair.


another traditional method (X s)
takes an untraditional path as well (R)
Despite your skepticism (X of)
a learning program like this (+ a)
, Ylearner ( + comma)
oriented to make it more real/realistic/more like real life (~)

I’m experimenting with these marks. Hope they make sense.

Ylearner and Peter,
Yes, you had better stop now. I want my country to be tops in spelling errors! I won’t cede easily to y’all.