Learn Italian with Wired Magazine

For those of you who are learning Italian & are passionate about technology and the internet, it may be a great idea to buy a subscription to the italian version of Wired magazine. In fact, each issue’s most important articles are recorded by a company of professional actors, and are freely downloadable from the magazine’s website (the audio, not the text). They are now offering a 2-year subscription with a 69% discount, it’s only 30 euros. If I were you, I would buy it. Here are the links:

Wired Magazine ITA

Subscriptions to the magazine

Archive of recorded articles (mp3 format)

Is it in an electronic format? I can’t really tell. Looking at the subscription page, it looks more like they send it to you by post. If they do send it by post, is it available in all countries?

Sorry about all the questions.

Subscriptions are intended only for the paper version. Those who sign a subscription can also browse issues in a browser through a flash interface (no copy/paste though). Yeah, not very LingQ-friendly, but the articles are excellent. They don’t seem to have a Kindle version either.

Oh, it looks like you can’t get it in England :frowning: . I may’ve read it wrongly though.

James, it looks like you can get it in England, but the 30€ offer on subscriptions would not apply in that case:


48€ + shipping costs = 12 issues

I think it is still pretty cheap. The average of recorded articles per issue is 5-6.