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American Accent English 365 Video Lessons for Beginners:

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How are you done

Thank you, Anar! You are a great man.

I don’t need to learn English, being a native speaker but is really an excellent site.

It would be nice to see similar content for other languages.

I collect such links for my kids. Some time ago I found for them mixed Russian-English cartoon for beginners. Mostly in Russian with now and then inserted English words like ‘big’, ‘little’, ‘red’, ‘green’, ‘thank you’. My kids have quicly learned all Russian text by heart but couldn’t memorize a single word in English and asked me what ‘thanks’ means many-many times. I don’t know if the cartoon is successful financially but language-wise it’s a total flop.

Kids often, and perhaps should, resist efforts to teach them.

It is a very good tip for beginners because it is always good to see what you are listen to.
And often easier to remember what you have seen.

I think this is why I, particularly at an early level of learning a language, prefer to watch movies and tv shows as opposed to listening to audiobooks.