Latvian vs Russian: Just to get political up in here

a threat to the British-German-French trio

Regardless of what happens with Russia, I don’t think that Britain is going to stay in the EU for long unless the EU would become a purely ceremonial union. Britain has too much commitment to other countries of British heritage (far more than to continental Europe). Having Britain out of the EU would benefit in two ways: there would be no hindrance for closer European intergeneration on one hand, and the British independence would endure, which would also be a positive thing and even some kind of guaranty given that this country has some special role in the western progress of liberty. As for now, there are some shoppy interests keeping the UK inside of the EU, but I don’t think that such kind of membership could last for long. As for continental Europe, the ties between all neighbor-countries there (here -)) are so close, that drawing any borders other than those of the united Europe would be a misery future.

But at the same time the UK is breaking up as well. Scottish Independence is gaining more and more support. Sort of Ironic, that the British have this idea of “We’re better than you all” and at the same time Scotland is doing the same to them. Or maybe it’s karma.

The UK not being in the EU, although things would run smoother, is a slap in the face to the point of the EU. Kinda the opposite of European Integration. I think the UK would be harmed, I mean to get their goal they’d have to leave the single market all together. Even Norway and Switzerland are part of the “Single Market” basically, while getting no say in it’s decisions. Doubtful they’d want to be in such a situation.

UK not in the EU is a failure, clear and simple. Also delusional, Russia is special, UK…not anymore. It’s just when they will realize that it’s only downhill from here as the developing countries with more land (79 nations), population (21 nations) and resources (hard to determine, but their island doesn’t have much) pass them by one by one. (economically) How long before they aren’t even top 10? How long before that seat in the UN security council becomes a joke?
It’s really a battle of pride rather than logic. But humans are illogical, and emotional.

Harsh, but true. If I sound condescending, I apologize.

It’s really a battle of pride rather than logic.

As I’ve said before, in my opinion, it is more of a battle of commitments. The UK is playing a role of the US representative in the EU. Another problem (and a pretty logic one, as I see it) is that the structure of British economy would not let tolerate any supranational (in fact, even national) financial regulations, which are now essential for the continent. So, the UK just has no way to behave in this integration other than as an obstacle to it.

Sounds more like we are talking about leaving the UK behind in the dust.

There is an interview with the Latvian Minister of Foreign Affairs followed by listeners calling in, at Echo Moskvi. I have gone through the new words in QuickLingQ and am going to listen in my car now.

Could you share that link, Steve?

Thank you!

Wonderful conversation, I just caught up with it now, thank you all for commenting, I’m happy we got a Latvian involved…

I’m happy we got a Latvian involved

Have we?

Oh I’m sorry I must have misread something above, I can see your flag didn’t match but that’s not always a good indicator of where someone is from.

I must have just read a comment wrong above…