Latin Problem

I don’t know if this is only in Latin or in other languages as well (but Latin is the only one I’ve noticed that seems to be obnoxiously frequent), but frequently when I make one LingQ it will get mixed up with the next one, so that in the future when ever I click on word A it shows all of the flashcard information for card B and has no status bar for me to change or X.

@Dmlyum - Do you mean that it’s showing the incorrect information when you study the LingQs in flashcards? It would be great if you could take a screenshot and send it over to us (support at so we can better understand why this might be happening.

This happens for every language from time to time: an unselected lingq becomes yellow together wih a different one (that you actually select) and links to such one from then on. I have to refesh the page when it happens to get rid of it.

Here is a screenshot illustrating this problem:

The same page after reloading:

Yes, this happens to me on a fairly regular basis, always using Firefox. I’ve gotten into the habit of immediately clicking “refresh” on my browser when this happens to reload the lingq reader, which then returns me to the “buggy” word with an empty entry.

I should add that this tends to happen while I’m working in the Esperanto section, though with Ancient Greek texts…

@eugrus, gregf - Thanks for the additional information about this. We’ve got this on our list and hope to have it resolved soon. In the meantime, please continue refreshing if you encounter this issue.