Latin American spanish filtering

In my experience browsing the content libraries I usually find that most of the most robust Spanish content on LingQ is Iberian Spanish. I’d prefer to find more Latin American spanish but the problem is that filter doesn’t work at all. Even with my filter set with Latin American Spanish checked (and European spanish unchecked) combined with clicking the Latin American spanish link in the Brows Library menu, I still get a ton of European spanish. Is there a reliable way to filter out European Spanish? I don’t mind using Euro spanish content but I’d like to be able to focus on LA and the filters simply don’t function.

For the moment, that really just shows the Latin American Spanish shelf in the Library or hides it. It doesn’t filter any other other shelves. It will then show any courses or lessons that have a Latin American tag attached to them. it should be pretty accurate but some providers may have mislabelled their lessons which could cause Iberian Spanish content to appear. If this is the case, let us know and we can remove the incorrect tags.