Last page (double page format) part of the words missing

Not sure if already working on this, but when I get to the last page of lesson (at least in the double page format) part of the words on the last page are no longer visible.

A couple of seconds after turning the last page, there is a realignment and the two pages shift slightly to the left. In so doing it opens up extra space on the left hand side with no text and moves all the text to the right, cutting of a part of the words on the right page.

Screenshot below shows how the name Stendhal is no longer fully visible.

Also, as mentioned before, the statistics are still counting the last page twice when reading using the double page format.

chrome browser

I experience a similar formatting issue in Chrome. I’m not using double page format, but sometimes when I move to the final page it looks OK initially, and then the word formatting changes of its own accord, with the lines of text being shunted off one side of the text box, and into the opposite side with some words unreadable (kind of hard to explain exactly how it looks!)

Strange, I can’t reproduce that. Do you have the same problem in any lesson you open? Or was it in that one specific lesson?

@scottvm Please take a screenshot next time and send to support(at)

Not in “any” lesson. But I’ve been having this for months (maybe since beta) in many lessons. Reproduced on both my private and work computer.