Large amount of content suddenly missing in Swedish course

Hi, I’m an avid Lingq user for Swedish, and have seen today that suddenly over 50% of the content (at least at Intermediate 2) is no longer there on the iOS version, although it still seems to be on the web version. I really need access to it on iOS and had a lot of it earmarked for study for next year. The ‘videos’ shelf had around 40 courses in it yesterday - today it only has about 12. Where‘s it gone, and are we getting it back? Thanks.


Okay, I’ve just logged back in today and there is now EVEN LESS content. Honestly, please, what is happening here?!

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On the iOS and Android versions certain content is suppressed to abide with the Google and Apple Play Stores terms of service. This works out to be the YouTube and Netflix external content. Not sure if this is the difference you’re seeing. Perhaps post which content is missing from the iOS version, but in the browser version.

We suppress certain content in the mobile apps due to Apple and Google’s rules. What content exactly are you missing?