Languages Missing From Drop Button

Romanian is missing from the list of languages. Only Korean, Spanish, English, French, Russian, German, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Swedish show up.

@denisap79 - We’ve hidden beta languages while we work on a new way to deal with additional languages. These languages are still accessible by manually typing in the URL. For Romanian just go here: Login - LingQ

Hey Alex! Is there any place where I can see the links for the other beta languages? After French I would like to start learning Arabic, thanks! (by the way, I loved the changes recently made to the site, awesome job!)

@Marioreyes05 - We don’t have these links posted anywhere, so just ask if you forget the link :slight_smile:

For Arabic you can change “ro” to “ar”, or just click here: Login - LingQ

Glad to hear you like the new changes! :slight_smile: