Languages in the process of being added

Can anyone tell me which languages people are in the process of adding to LingQ? Thanks.

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Lingq never “plans” to add new languages, but over the years I’ve been here, Farsi, Greek, Danish, Cantonese, Ukrainian, Catalan, and Indonesian have all been requested, if I remember correctly.

Out of all these languages, only Greek and Ukrainian have been added, and the Ukrainian-gets-added-because-Steve-wanted-to-learn-it controversy could still be a matter of discussion. :stuck_out_tongue:

If Lingq ever adds another language, I’d wager it be between Farsi or Danish considering the amount of people who either want to learn it or have learned a similar language.

I hope they add Farsi. There are many nice Afghan restaurants and communities near my neighborhood.


Hi Demolitionator,
You can find our content requirements for adding a new language here: New Languages on LingQ
Once the content requirements are met, we are always happy to add a new language!

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Also if I remember correctly there are a few lingq members who have said that they are going to try and obtain the required material for Farsi and Danish, whether or not they follow it through is another thing entirely. I suppose one could say that it is down to member participation to get new languages added it is just that the requirements are so high that it is a such a huge task to collect the required material. I doff my hat to anyone who is willing to go through with this. Also I can’t remember the name of the ling member who wanted to help with Farsi being added but I remembered that she/he created a own website for it.

Ok thank you!

Is it possible to import things in Farsi and read them privately? Like an article etc. What language would it be recorded as? Would be good to have flags for all languages so that people could do this if they wanted :slight_smile:

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Sure, you can do that, but in that case make sure to use language which you don’t plan to study in future. Also, as you said, imported lessons must stay Private of course. :slight_smile:

Personally I would really like to see Welsh and Irish added here. I appreciate though they might not get a lot of takers. I’m using duolingo and readlang for them. Still I can dream - one day Lingq might have them too …

I’ve only just learned about this ‘abuse LingQ by importing content in a ‘wrong’ language’ ability. I might have to try it if I get round to Hungarian. But it seems that it would be useful to make it an officially announced feature, by, say, having blank add-your-own language slots that you can select. Presumably that wouldn’t involve much work backstage compared to adding all the content for an official new language?

Also, do the LingQ team actually have anyone working on adding new languages, or is it all currently down to users?


It took many months to extend the already existed libraries for Polish and Esperanto to make them fully supported.
I was trying to add lessons to the Ukrainian library but it’s hard to find audio with text in public domain.
I have made 167 own Russian lessons. It took me a lot of time to make sound recordings for the texts I already had.
I would add 1 by 1 lessons to Belarusian library (if it would exist). I’ve translated the whole “Eating Out” with audio for some lessons. That’s why I can evaluate the efforts, that’s why I can immagine how many years it would take to collect the required amount of lessons.
The most difficult part of efforts is to create or find lessons for beginners. Such lessons are usually very short, that’s why we need them so many to collect 2 hours.

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I don’t know if you have seen this thread yet. I won’t go into to much detail but Steve has encourage people to start creating mini stories. The key thing is even for languages that don’t exist (yet). Maybe they have some sort of “temporary libary/storage place” for content (of languages that don’t exist yet).

Thank you, I’ve just answered there.

I forgot to mention that the post has been active for some while if nobody responds to you post you can contact Jahrine at jahrine (at) lingq (dot) com. She mention in a post that she is the coordinator for this translating stuff.

I am hoping that the project of translating the mini-stories will make things easer. First of all, once we have all 100 stories, we hope to cover many if not most of the main issues in English, so that translating these into the learner’s language is not as demanding as creating original content, and is an opportunity to practice one’s English. Recording can be done simply on a smart phone. Certainly the quality of the Greek I am now listening to, done on an iPhone, is excellent. I hope many people will participate. Thanks for your offer Serguei, Jahrine will contact you, and anyone else who volunteers.
I have had a volunteers for Farsi and Danish on my youtube channel, but the more volunteers, the less work for one person.

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Before that, I want to see some of the beta languages get an actual library.

Arabic especially… it is the 4th most spoken language in the world (kind of).

Also Norwegian has hardly any content. I’d like to see that get some actual material before they add Danish.

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I would also like to see our Beta languages beefed up, but it will depend on who comes forward to help.

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Hi Steve, I’ve added about 250 Latin lessons over the past year or so, including a 100 lesson Beginner Course (got 60 roses so far).

Have we reached the stage where Latin can now be taken out of Beta and made a full LINGQ language?