Language tests

I like this site! Maybe the known words tests when we introduce them could look something like this?

I should hope we could do better than that! :slight_smile:

Helen, how is that a test? It is google translate or something.

It’s a sort of fill-in the blanks vocabulary drill.

I did this one: English - Russian Test 1 - Goethe-Tests - basic level - Testing

I liked the fact that it forced me to actually type the answer, not select from a multiple-choice list. It tests my spelling and typing skills too :wink:

I’m sure that Mark and the team at LingQ Towers could do loads better. For a start you could take the vocabulary that people have actually learned and get them to fill in the example phrase they have saved in their vocabulary list. And you could not give the answers at the start of the test.

I don’t like this test much.
One example:

I’m so glad you could come
is translated here as
Я очень рад, что ты смог прийти
I translate it as
Я так рад, что ты смог прийти!
And “Я очень рад, что ты смог прийти” is “I am very glad you could come”. I suppose “I’m so glad you could come” (as well as “Я так рад, что ты смог прийти”) is more emotional.

perhaps, there should be several correct answers. If student writes one that has correct meaning but incorrect connotation, he receives basic points. If he writes word with correct meaning and correct connotation, he receives some extra points.
And misspellings…
Even natives very often write “естесственный” (instead of “естественный”) and “серебрянный” (instead of “серебряный”).

If you take the translations from the student’s own database, then it would be the student’s responsibility to get the definition right in the first place. Perhaps that’s a problem: in many cases you would get Garbage In, Garbage Out.


But supposing we had public, sharable vocabulary lists implemented by then? Then we could publish a list of, say, 500 words that we expect Beginner 1 students to know, with definitions and examples agreed by the tutors, and use them as the basis of the Beginner 1 vocabulary test.

You can find great vocabulary tests at!

ALso check

Do we need such tests at LingQ? I think there are a lot of websites with tests. I love LingQ because it is not like in a classroom.

Well, we already have flashcards. I don’t like them myself, I would prefer a fill-in-the-blanks alternative. All these other websites with tests that I’ve found so far aren’ as good as LingQ because I can’t use the definitions and example phrases I’ve created for myself.

I’m prepared to accept that either I’m in a tiny minority with this, or that there’s a very cool vocabulary testing website out there that I haven’t found yet :wink: