Language shadowing

Has anyone ever tried language shadowing as a means of learning a language?

For those who have not heard of shadowing it simply means listening to audio, preferably with a transcript in your target language, and repeating the words from the audio as you hear them, actually i think it is best done using a bilingual text so you know what is being said.

Anyway, can anyone tell me what your results have been using this method? I myself used to prefer going through a bilingual text without the audio and trying to translate the English to the target language (Spanish in my case). However lately i have been trying shadowing more and more, but i have never shadowed anything that I previously did not learn beforehand. However, I think with shadowing, when trying to speak it might be easier to recall words from memory if you have previously;y shadowed these words?? Does anyone else find this?

Yes, another name for it is Karaoke. I upload songs into LingQ and sing along in my target language. I’ve learned to stay a lot of difficult words long before I even knew the meaning. I still sing words I cannot define. When I do see them in another text, I grasp them much more quickly because I’m not struggling with the pronunciation because I can already hear it in my head.

I also try and do this with different texts that I have had the audio recorded on LingQ or are already in LingQ. This works especially well with dialog or if the reader puts some emotion into the recording (Thanks Ress). I also shadow TV shows that I uploaded to LingQ and they have a lot of words I do not know. The shorter sentences and intonation of emotion are easier for me to replicate.

Karaoke, I like that!!

but do you think that by shadowing works for material like tv shows unless you shadow it many times?

Does anyone know, is the idea behind shadowing that you shadow many many times?

youtube search → arguelles shadowing
watch the first three vids, preferably in chronological order

Personally, I think shadowing is over rated, but has its place.

imo, better to listen an awful lot - also learn correct pronunciation tongue positioning, and to record yourself speaking a native dialogue. Compare your recording with the original etc. I do like exaggerated mimicing of voices that I like, however.