Language mysteriously changed

This has happened to me for a while, probably since the introduction of the community tab.

Somehow, my language changes when I browse through the forum content. But it only happens occasionally. I still cannot reproduce the problem consistently.

It is not a serious problem, so I didn’t bother to report it until now.

Thanks, Edwin. We’ll try to figure out what is going on there.

I’ve recognized the same problem. It seems if it appears when I’m reading in the forum.

I have not experienced the problem. It would be useful to hear from others to see how widespread the problem is. I do not think it is something that we will address right now.

I have opened this thread from my email and I was doing German. This thread however opened in the Swedish forum (url: Language Mysteriously Changed - Language Forum @ LingQ). The change happens almost every time I open a new thread and until I saw this thread right here, I thought it was a new and nifty way of LingQ to stimulate changing from one language to another…:wink: I did not realize it was a fluke.

When I browse LingQ site, the language often changes to whatever it wants… It doesn’t make big inconvenience to me, as I have to change site language by myself rather often, due to the way I use LingQ.

It happens to me occasionally but I guess I just assumed the problem was already known. I use IE and FireFox. I’m assuming it is a persistant cookie issue. It only happens frequently enough to be a minor annoyance when beginning my LingQ session.

I was wondering why every so often my language changes to Chinese. It’s not one I’m learning!

You know, now that I think of it, it has happened to me and I just switch back. Over to Mark.

I had never noticed that before but it certainly does happen. We will look into it.

It might just be that Mark and Steve are working on almost all the languages. That was why you did not notice. It is very noticeable when suddenly you find yourself working on a language you never touch before.

My wild guess is that somehow when reading posts from the forums, the user picks up the language the poster is working on. Just a guess though.

On the Community tab, there is a list of the most recent posts under a section called Forums (right side of the page). All of the links to the posts have the language setting in them. This is usually the same as the language you have selected to be studying. But occasionally the language in the links is different than the language selected and clearly displayed at the top of the page. So when we click one of the links, this is how our selected language gets changed.

I believe the language does not need to be in the url links to the recent posts.

I take back my last sentence! The forum posts do not load without the language info in the url.

We have isolated the language switching problem which does involve the language set by the url but it will probably be a few weeks yet before we will have time to fix it.