Language Learning Daily Exercise #1:

Hello, Everyone!
My username is Kwall1. I am a Latin learner, and I love to learn languages. I’ve seen people do this on other forums and I wanted to begin a language exercise. This is not for fluent speakers only, and anyone can reply. Here’s how this goes: I am going to post a question—or two. Anyone can answer in the language that they are learning. I can correct those who are learning English or Latin. But since this is an open exercise, I would appreciate it if people would correct each other. For example, if you are learning French, and someone replies in French, please correct them—if their translation is wrong. You can also reach me on this thread if you have any questions about Latin or English.
Here’s today’s question: Who is your hero? (Optional: Why are they your hero?)
The first 5 to reply will have their names listed on the leaderboard.

If you have any questions, please ask! We are all language learners here, and all of us are here to support and help each other.
This exercise is daily: so please look out for it. Unfortunately, I’m not available on the weekends, and every once in a while, I will not be able to post. But I should be able to alert you guys if I will not be available.
Best wishes, and GOOD LUCK!