Language Learning Content in One's Native Language

I stumbled upon this video somehow. I feel like I’ve witnessed something I shouldn’t have, if you know that feeling. I’ve witnessed a man losing his sanity.

Okay I guess it’s a parody of Lingq’s methods. Or perhaps just an overview of some aspects of English grammar in an unorthodox manner.

But it moved me to check out some other high beginner content in English and often it leaves me with a similar (but milder) feeling of being disturbed, a sense that something is not quite right.

It’s because the slow and unnatural presentation obviously which doesn’t tend to bother me in other languages because often that’s exactly what I need anyway.

But yeah for all my rambling, go check out some didactic content for your native language. You might get what I mean.

I t o t a l l y a g r e e.

How many people did SanneT agree with?
. . .

She has agreed with one person.

Okay maybe I was wrong about that video. It has certainly pounded some English grammatical structures into my brain.

What a pity that my witty remark was ‘ruined’ by the system: I had written it out with lots of spaces in between each word and letter. It is unsettling to listen to familiar languages spoken very slowly. The humour in the video may help some people to get certain structures quicker: will I ever be able to stop thinking about the two-year-old ninja baby in nappies setting off for his first kill?

That was very scary. You’ve got to respect a teacher that had killed 798 people by the time he was five.

YouTube is often unintentionally funny. When I looked at this the top suggested video on the right was Steve’s “Patronizing Teachers” video.

Humour aside, you can see how after taking a basic language course it can be shocking to encounter native language spoken at a natural speed. I lean the other way and try to dig out people talking or singing at high speed. Normal broadcasts and speech don’t seem so bad after listenening to a supercharged rapper, hip-hop artist or a frantic comedian.

I’m trying to forget the look of demented glee on that guys face as he mimed killing people. Still its nice that he was recommending LingQ.

I love A.J. and all his courses. Been listening to his podcast for about two years now.

Yeah sorry Don I’m sure he’s a nice guy, just seeing it out of context was a bit bizarre. It probably all made sense in the context of his lesson.

I’m not bagging on it. Okay maybe a little since that particular lesson was creepy to the unprepared.

But I do value everyone who helps people learn any language, so I’m glad he does what he does.

AJ is great teacher. I’m really grateful for his teaching. One more thing, I have found this website thanks to his recommendation. He has made a lot of useful lessons which helped me a lot.