Language Learners: Who am us, anyway?*

A year ago I fell back in love with French ye-ye music and decided, again, to learn French. But this time I’m not working at a hi-tech startup so I have the time to pursue the dream.

So I blundered around learning French catch-as-catch-can and combing the internet for ways to learn a language. I got sold on comprehensible input, then more specifically on LingQ.

Since then my French quest is becoming a reality. But I also notice that there are a lot more people like me, taking their desires to learn a language into their own hands.

Who are we? Is this a movement? Has it always been here?

I sense a wonderful camaraderie – hands across the water – that, given all the polarization these days, is wonderfully refreshing. Plus the impulse to learn another language on one’s own is more often than not an act of reaching out to another people, another culture.

Perhaps I’ve been so plugged into all the language learning websites and YouTubes that my sense of this is exaggerated.

Is this a movement? Or is it a hobby like building balsa wood model planes – interesting only to those who are interested?

*“Who am us, anyway?” is a reference to the American comedy group, Firesign Theatre. Apologies to anyone learning English.