Language Goals 2014

How do you set your language goals for 2014? For me, it is too vague to say “Russian to level C1”. I also don’t want to confuse means with goals. Wanting to speak four hours each week, read 10,000 words, etc is not goals for me, but means - things I do in order to reach my goals. Perhaps it is smarter to set lower lever goals, such as “master” the most common Russian verbs of motion, be able to count to a thousand, … ?

Of course it is possible to have goals such as “increase my vocabulary”, but I think one should be pretty specific about what that means and how to measure it.

My goals for 2014 (most not following the advises above…):

  • increase my vocabulary
  • “master” the verbs of motion
  • learn the questions accompanying cases (кто, кого, кем …)
  • be able to speak about more topics
  • be able to watch classic Russian / Soviet films
  • read a Russian paper book
  • spontaneously engage Russians in conversation

I am going to achieve this by:

  • reading using LingQ
  • speak to my iTalki-teachers
  • have Skype-conversations with Russians
  • write e-mails
  • dare to speak to Russians in the shop, in the airport, etc.
  • watch Russian / Soviet films on Youtube

What is your plan for 2014???

Edit: Just found this link which seems interesting:

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Hi Snorre!
Explendid goals!
Merry Christmas, happy New Year and Good luck with your goals!

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Vielen Dank für den ser interessanten Link!

My plan is to improve my french and have a good knowledge of the german language, so I can speak those languages with my dad. I managed to say a phrase or two in german to him. I already speak basic french, but want to get more words and grammar into me.

Snorre, my goal is to just do it every day, make it a habit. I’ve been known to start things and then abandon them. I started Dostoevsky’s “Idiot”, I think, four times, never finished. Anyway, getting consistent exposure to the language is so far my greatest and hardest to achieve goal. I also don’t have much experience in language learning (expect for English long time ago), while you seem to have more, so your wonderful, precise goals would make more sense to have. Удачи! Не очень там замерзайте на Шпицбергене :slight_smile:

My goal is to understand 80 % of local spoken Czech.

During the 3 month challenge I want to get to 50%. i would say i’m currently at around 30%.

As listening is the worth of my 4 langage skills, i expect the others: reading, writing, speaking to develope naturally.