Language exchange room on Paltalk for Lingq users

What do you think about opening a room on Paltalk for language exchanges? There we could meet and chat in different languages just like we’d meet in a café (or the like). We could arrange a schedule for the different languages (e.g. from 15.00 - 16.00 only in English, from 16.00 to 17.00 only French and so on). Everyone is free to come and go, to speak or only listen whenever he/she wants, as you don’t have to make fixed appointments. Surely it’s also possible that you sometimes don’t find an interlocutor, then you’ll try it another time.

Of course, it doesn’t replace the conversations here on Lingq, as you wouldn’t get any reports and probably no (or almost no) corrections, but I think it maybe could be a way to enhance your speaking ability. Maybe it could even be possible, that more users will take a conversation here on Lingq, as they will get to know each other (at least for me it’s much easier if I already know my interlocutor) and they already have taken the first - and most difficult - barrier to start speaking for the first time.
It could also be possible, that some users of Paltalk get to know Lingq and will be future members. But if you don’t like the idea of a public room, we could also open a private one, only for Lingq users.

By the way, I’ve already opened a test room called “Language Exchange Café” to see if it works (I’ve never opened a room on Paltalk before ;-)).

I think that is a very good idea. Count me in.

Not compatible with Linux :frowning:

No one has to use these video options, and I don’t think that anyone will do it (I don’t like to use a webcam neither).

@ dooo: That’s a pity! But maybe it works with Paltalk Express:

As I don’t have Linux, I am not sure if Paltalk Express will work for you.