Language difficulty

I didn’t say i understand it though did i. I hear every single word. As in the word boundaries. Despite much more exposure to French my i don’t hear the words as clearly as i do in German which i don’t study.

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We borrowed a lot of French word and use them everyday. I always thought that I could easily improve my listening comprehension but probably it’s more difficult than I thought.

Here is the link for the ones who would like to take a glance at the french loanwords in Turkish:

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Yes. I wouldn’t say Don Quijote de la Mancha is an easy book to read, even though I’m a native Spanish speaker. So, it depends on the vocabulary you have amassed already. However, a few other books have a lot of vocabulary that can’t be that hard if you are, let’s say, a French speaker for example.

Native Spanish speaker from Venezuela here, I’d say that

Average difficulty when it comes to reading, there are not so many cognates and shared vocabulary between Spanish and English (You see it more with French). Hard spoken output. Easy to write

Easy to read. Very hard listening comprehension. Average to write.

Easy to read. Easy listening comprehension. Easy to write (I haven’t taken Esperanto seriously though, I plan to do so in the future)

“English … easy to write.” That thoroughly surprises me. I’d have thought you’d find the spelling tough. Though with enough effort you ought to be able to work through it.

Some people seem to have more problems in English with pronouncing than spelling. However, I’m suprised that some people here find English easy in terms of comprehension. There are so many different accents and in order to fully understand movies in both British and American English along with all regional slang requires a lot of practice.
Apart from that there are just so many words in English, I believe the highest number from all languages, that you may study it for years and still encounter unknown words:)

With enough effort and exposure, you are able to notice patterns within English spelling, so it wasn’t really a problem for me

German has 2 pesky difficulties: Cases and word order. The word order always frustrates me as it just changes the way so many expressions are put together… so it takes time to get used to listening. SOV languages always give me trouble.

The key is preempting the whole thing with A “This is just my opinion, but from my experience…”

He wasn’t really making a point he was using an example of ‘difficult’ English spelling/pronunciation by using the following words:

Thoroughly - Pronounced ‘thu-rully’
Thought - Pronounced ‘th-ort’
Tough - Pronounced ‘tuff’
Though - Pronounced ‘th-oh’
Ought - Pronounced ‘awt’
Through - Pronounced ‘th-rew’

Glad someone caught that. :wink: And you make @Mariotkd’s point about pronunciation. Here in fly-over country we don’t pronounce the first two like you wrote them.

BTW droopy babes, it is actually #2 in the list of boasts which is objectively and verifiably true. But it’s interesting (and perhaps revealing from a psychological perspective?) that you assumed I was referring to #5


Sein und Zeit was really difficult for me, but maybe I’m just stupid.