Language deleted

I study English on LingQ.
Some weeks ago I refreshed a little bit my French. I listened to a couple of items and LingQed some words.
Now I can no more see the French tab in my Description Page.
It’s not a big lost as there were only a few data, but I wander if the system deleted them because I didn’t touched French for a while or if something else occurred.
If my data in French expired, I would like to know how long is the period of inactivity that causes that.
Thanks in advance. Monica

Hi Monica, Create one LingQ in French, than you have your tab again. The tab is only shown, if you have an activity point.

Thanks very much, Vera.
As you claim my LingQs are still there. I added a word in order to have one point and I guess that tomorrow I will be able to see the French tab back.

LingQ has its own little ways of reminding us to keep active with all our study languages!