Language Coaches

I think this is a great video to watch for anyone who has language exchange partners:

I believe this is one of the polyglots who will be on the same Canadian program with Steve soon.

Keith is very nice guy and we agree on many things, although not all. I am sure he is an excellent teacher. I am hoping to get him to at least participate in our forum. He runs language classes out of Starbucks here in Vancouver.

He gives a link to lingq in one of his other videos when he talks about your experience at the tv station

He runs language classes out of Starbucks… I wish someone did that here in Milwaukee

Here is a link to his website.

He has a system whereby he recruits people by word of mouth or via the internet, and has a group of teachers, and as soon as he has a quorum near a Starbucks location, he starts a course there. Starbucks in the Vancouver area lets him put his brochures in their coffee shops. He is a very warm person who speaks many languages very well. He is also good company.