Language Assimilation through Listening

In case you have not read it, Suzanne has written for LingQ Central an interesting account of her experience with the Tomatis method. You can read her post here:

It’s too bad that the treatment is costly and that there aren’t that many Tomatis Centres. I really want to experience for myself what it is like to have Gregorian chants and Mozart pieces trickling into my brain.

“Dr. Tomatis’ early investigations led to the discovery that the human voice can only produce sounds which the ears can hear. The two organs are part of the same neurological loop and a change in the response of one shows up immediately in the other.” (Robert Rickover)

After reading Suzanne’s essay, I googled “the Tomatis Method” and found the above passage by Robert Rickover, and wondered which organs are related to reading and writing.

Suzanne’s essay impressed us with her brilliant style of writing. We would like to read more essays written by her.

Thank you both for your comments. I presume reading and writing are more linked to the eye and the left hemisphere. At one point in the middle block of sessions I had to read a short piece during which time my brain activity was recorded. Writing was not assessed and was actually completely discouraged during the time one had the wonderful musical brain massage. I have not done justice to the Tomatis method by my account. There is so much more to it, for example, its use in the treatment of autistic children has brought about so many marvellous results.

Random thought…Wow, I just came from a 50th birthday party and read this post. It seems very deep! As I walked my dog (beagle with an incredible nose) I wondered what is it like to be able to have such incredibly developed senses (of smell in his case). On a side note, I am starting to think that my dog will probably understand Spanish better than me! He is at my side (absolutely man’s best friend) 16 hours a day, listening to Spanish with me!