Hi, I want to learn Korean, but I didn’t see Korean letters, what I should to do? Please help me.

Hi Mokukoreietiskai. Welcome.

Your question’s a tad vague without more information, but I’ll try my best to guess.

  1. Have you got Korean fonts installed?

If not, here are a few links:


  1. Have you selected Korean as a language to study from the top of webpage in LingQ?

Thanks Chris for help.

Yes, I selected Korean as a language to study. If I introduce windows 7 this means that I can see Korean fonts? I have no experience ^^ Now I see just small squares.

Do you have Windows 7 now or are you running XP/Vista? It seems you’ll have to add specific support for Korean in order to see the fonts displayed properly.

I’m using XP right now.In my computer I cannot add Korean as a input language because I haven’t. Now I try to find program which can help me…

If you’re using XP, then you’ll need to install the East Asian language pack.
You can find a step-by-step process here: http://bit.ly/qxEn4a

Thank you for help

Hey you !