Korean Tutor

Who can kindly advise me the Korean Tutors who can help me to improve my listenning and speaking skills? Thanks.

My mother language is chinese and a little english. Maybe we can have a mixed conversation.

I didn’t find any tutor who can offer a Korean conversation now. Who can help me?

I mean the native Koreanese tutors. The native speakers.

@Angelia - We are looking for a native speaker Korean tutor. We hope to find one by next week sometime. Please check back.


Thanks for your feedback. I hope I can book a korean conversation next week asap.

I am still working on it, patience Angelia.

Hi Angelia,

We apologize for the delay. There is now a Korean tutor available. If the times listed don’t fit your schedule please post on their wall and try and find a time that works. Good luck!

I am a newly registered Korean user. I put in my tutor times into the calendar but I don’t show up in the tutor list for some reason. My Skype is yskek1.

ysk1, you cannot see your own times on the Speak page, but I can see them and I have signed up for one of your discussions. Thank you.

Steve, thank you for letting me know.