Korean romaji

i searched and did not find romaji for korean

Lingq doesn’t have an option to display romanisation above korean characters.

To be fair, I would steer clear of romanisation as it will hinder your learning and pronunciation in the longer term.

Hangeul characters are very easy to learn and there are many resources available. Once you know how to read them, you can jump straight into the mini stories.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. I have been learning Korean since 2015.


I would agree with you! Korean has probably the most phonetic writing of any language. It should be easy to read once you learn how to pronounce every ‘stroke’.
Chinese is completely different. There you definitely need the pinyin to learn how to pronounce every character for the different meanings that the character can have.

It’s already an alphabet. But if you’re a beginner and you forget how to read it you can touch the word/sentence to have LingQ pronounce it for you.

Since LingQ doesn’t have romaji here, I discovered an app that does, which is “Lingodeer”. I’m going to study there until I have a base in Korean. Then I’ll come back here!!

I believe Talk to me in Korean also uses romanisation in their level 1 course (maybe level 2 as well, but I couldn’t say for sure), then they stop using it as you progress in your journey.

But again, as said before, do not become overly reliant on romanisation. It can be helpful at the very beginning, but it is not your friend in the longer term.